Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Waxing technique...

 Wax can be a little tough to work with. 
It can be thick and hard to control.  
I have been using Briwax for 12 years now.  
While I love it still I am always searching for things.
 I was given a great tip by a fellow pal.  
She had seen this man on MS show and redoes Swedish clocks.
He uses a mix of 
beeswax and orange oil  (80%)
called Howard's Feed n Wax
with minwax stain (20% or even a little less).  
It goes on like in a milky consistency.
 And you wipe it right off. 
It goes easily into nooks and crannies. 
It covers distressed areas with ease
and no crustiness.
And it protects like wax.
I like the results.  No?

UPDATE on new Technique used in waxing,
 how wax works and why use it at all 
see in next post.
These pieces were the typical  
big brown monsters.
I actually found these in the TRASH!!!  (no pictures...bo hooo).

I was DREADING doing these but I had a deadline...
Needed Hubby to help bring to my shop before he went over seas,
So Had to get it done!

Now a soft
robins egg blue 
wit the perfect patina

Also a side note...
go see our little write up in
Apartment Therapy.

Please leave me a note...I love notes!

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  1. I am painting the dining room buffet today! Thank for the tip!
    Actually, thank you, thank you, thank you!


  2. That looks awesome Molly! I'll have to give it a try. I usually use the minwax dark for waxing but usually use it on black pcs. Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing you. We're going to the shop in Sat.

  3. Hey Molly,

    Just checking in. Leaving a comment! Love, love, love the new pieces ! Maybe a few nests would be a great finishing touch!


  4. The piece is really nice. I love the color and the wax adds nice dimension.

  5. i have used the howard's feed n wax but never thought to mix it with stain- what a great tip! it looks awesome, molly!

  6. Nice - I love the added depth it brings to the pieces!

  7. Love the piece and love the color. I just did a piece similar with a similar color. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  8. How gorgeous!

    I have a garage full of furniture that I have collected to paint, but have been afraid to jump in. I will definitely have to give this technique a try!

  9. These pieces are gorgeous! I am going to give this technique a try!

  10. This piece is to die for! Love all the designs on it, too!

  11. I love the color and finish! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Stuff is pretty darn cool; and as a matter of fact I may need at least one custom made pendant from you, even if I mispelled pendent. Much love.

  13. I cannot believe I didn't discover this blog sooner! AMazing!!! I'm going to follow for certain.

  14. I'm trying the wax -- your furniture finish is wonderful. Thanks, Jan

  15. Oh my! Love this solution. Absolutely love the Robins' Egg Blue - the combination is perfect!

  16. oh i love that! so do you mix it your self?

  17. Thanks for the fabulous tip! I've looked for Briwax and can't find it anywhere here where I live. I can find these and this will be sooo helpful! Love it, and your fantastic cupboard!!!

  18. Fantastic!!!

    I'm a new follower!!

    Pamela :)

  19. Molly, I just found your blog and it is wonderful. The buffet turned out beautiful.
    Would you share the color of the paint on the buffet? The beeswax mixture is much less costly than the waxes from Annie Sloan. Does the beeswax mixture hold up to water? I would like to do a dining room table top and will be wiping it off with a damp towel.
    Thanks, Becky

  20. Oh I LoVE it! I'm going to test out the beeswax thing myself. Thanks for the tip. I am your newest follower! I hope you'll come and see what I do over at fineandhandy.blogspot.com

  21. Hi Molly! Both pieces are gorgeous and I love the paint color. Thanks for sharing the waxing technique at my Open House party. I will give this a try on the next piece I refinish.

  22. Hey Molly, So glad I found your blog! I have just started painting and selling furniture. The finish on this piece is beautiful and I love the color. I've used paste wax for years and like it but your new tip sounds great. Thanks for sharing. I'll be following you from the nest eclectic.

  23. Found you via Miss Mustard Seed & I'm enjoying your pieces. I wondering if you had a close up of the tavern sign. Thanks!

  24. Cool tip, thank you! Those pieces look wonderful!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  25. I love the color! It looks FABulous! It would match our house well! That teal-ish color is my favorite :)

  26. Thank you for the tip, I'm planning on re-doing a small table, will try the technique and will let you know how it works! I'm a new follower!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    XXX Ido

  27. Thanks for that great tip! I have been through a ton of Feed and Wax over the years. But I have been using it to freshen up my unfinished pine pieces. I am about to embark on a complete re-do of my master bedroom and have been researching ideas for wax. Walla! Thanks for the idea. I will try it!

  28. Great tip - thanks so much! Can't wait to try it out - my hero!

  29. Howard's is the BEST! Love love love it! Never thought of mixing it with stain..thanks for the tip!

  30. I love, love, love your finish! The base color looks amazing with the wax/stain over it! I have never used wax over paint before, but I want to try it now. What color Minwax stain did you mix with the wax?


  31. LOVE!!! Getting ready to redo a dresser, so this post has come in mighty handy! Thanks so much!

  32. Those are wonderful tips and absolutely gorgeous pieces! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  33. Hi there~ These are absolutely wonderful pieces!! How gorgeous in their paint and wax- they turned out amazing!! Can't believe someone would throw them away! They are so beautiful now- thanks for sharing at FNF!:)

  34. Lovely makeover and thanks for explaining about the wax treatment!
    Thanks for linking up to GD! Nothing like a good old deadline to get you going, is there...?

  35. Thanks for the tip Molly. I was just planning to order the Hannant's wax, but this seems like a much more economical solution! Btw, love your work!



  37. Love these pieces so much!

    So glad I came over to visit. Can't wait to have more time to look around.

    A happy new follower : )


  38. Molly! What a wonderful effect you have achieved with the Howard's Feed 'n' Wax and stain mixture! I gave a table the same finish this weekend after reading your post, but I have an important question - how long does it take for this finish to cure? Two days later, my stain/wax mixture is still easy to work and wipes off. I can continue to wipe, but I will have NO glazing on the piece if I do. Help?!

  39. In the directions you need to "wipe off". Due to the oil in the Feed n Wax, you do not get the hard cure like with regular wax, so wiping off after application is key. Make sure you are using a dark enough stain to get the effect.
    This technique is different than with plain pure tinted wax as you do not need to wipe off tinted wax if you do not want to.

  40. Thanks, Molly - just to clarify, though, I did wipe off - repeatedly - after application. I suppose my concern is that my stain/wax mixture in the detailed areas of my piece either must be completely wiped off or stay 'wet'. I suppose I expected it, at some point, to harden a bit. 'Not so concerned about the flat surfaces - don't mind that I've wiped away most of it there, but wanted stain to remain in the details. Thanks again! I truly appreciate your blog and look forward to it every day!

  41. Here is the deal with this. If you want more stain to show...stain and wipe in the areas you want more dark, then apply the mixture and wipe. I think this will really make it look as you want. If I wanted a really dark glaze look, I would use another method of finishing....just plain dark wax, or actual glaze. Happy finishing.

  42. Beautiful pieces!! I'm new to all this, and taking "baby steps (lol)," as I refinish little pieces. THANK YOU for the waxing tutorial! I printed it and added it to my "new obsession" binder!

  43. Wow! Your finishes are perfection! I am getting ready to refinish an antique buffet and I want to try this waxing technique. What color Minwax stain did you add to the wax? What color blue did you use as the base coat? I love how it turned out!


  44. Great idea!! I just posted this on Cedar Hill Ranch's facebook page, you can see it on my sidebar. Hope I win your paint giveaway!!

  45. Hi, I love your blog and the wax finish looks fab, can you use this wax & stain recipe on Chalk Paint?

  46. Thank you for the tip! Just found you on Pinterest and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a
    visit. Blessings ~ Judy @ www.vintagestreetdesigns.com

  47. Hello there, I used haward beez wax, but it stained my white table painted with white chalk paint, like an oil stain. is this normal?


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